How To Start A Babysitting Business From Home

If you are planning to start a small business from home, babysitting business can be one of the best ideas around. You can take care of your child, get another playmate for him/her and at the same time, earn an income. It does not require much capital (almost zero) but it is also high in demand, non-seasonal and an all-cash business. Parents are always seeking alternative caregiver options, besides childcare centers and the traditional nanny.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to kickstart your babysitting business and grow them.


Who is suitable for this business?

If you are naturally patient, love kids, enjoy the company of children, love to teach, able to connect and communicate with both the child and their parents comfortably. Not to mention you definitely need to have responsibilities, hygiene, and patience.


Who is the target market?

Your target client will be full time working parents, who are looking to build a long-term relationship with a trusted and reliable caregiver.


Before you kickstart:

  1. Discuss with your spouse
    It is important to discuss with your spouse regarding your interest in doing babysitting business at home. He has to understand that your house will be noisier than before.


  1. Time management
    Your clients are working parents who are unable to watch over their child during normal hours, so you have to understand that you cannot go out running errands or bring your child out to eat whenever you like. Your working hours will be the same as normal working hours. You will need a proper time management schedule to help you manage the kids and yourself well.


  1. Safety & Environment
    Is your house safety proof? Is your environment suitable for babysitting? Do you need to make any changes before starting the business? You will need take these into consideration as there will babies, toddlers roaming around your house!

Once you are ready, you can start your business plan.


Start your business plan:

  1. Get required licenses
    There is no requirement for you to get a babysitting license but it is advisable for you to attend courses like CPR and caregiver workshops. Not only will this make you more marketable, but it can mean the difference between life and death in case of an emergency situation. You can use your skills future credit to learn CPR.
  2. Name your business
    You may think that is not necessary to name your business right now, but in terms of marketing your business, allowing your client to remember you much better and for future potential growth, it is important to name your business. Be sure that it is unique but simple enough that people will easily remember it.
  3. Choose your niche (age range)
    Choose the age range that you wish to take care, this is to ensure that you are comfortable with that age range so that you may perform better. It will be difficult to care for a newborn or few months old baby while you have another 2 toddlers to take care of. The best guide is to follow your child age range with +/- of 2 years difference. Although, there is also the possibility that you’ll babysit a whole range of ages. Be prepared for every possibility and know what it takes to watch all ages.
  4. Determine the price
    Your price is determined by your expertise, location and the age of the child or if there is any extra services you wish to provide. You can set your price range for half a day, full day and monthly.
  5. Situation control
    It is important to create plans and checklist to prepare for emergency situations like child allergy, fire outbreak, or any other accidents. You’ll need to ensure that you have at least two next of kin contact number in case of an emergency.
  6. Plan your activities
    Childcare or babysitting is more than just taking care of their basic needs. At toddlers age, it is a stage of exploration, curiosity, and training of fine motor skills. It will be good to draft out the daily activities you have for the children. It also keeps them busy and happy. You will not get yourself all over the place and stress up. Their parents will be happy too!
  7. Time to market
    Once you get all the necessary information, it is time to market your services out there! You can start marketing to your mommy groups, who are most likely staying near your area and through Facebook marketing. You can also print a name card and give out to your neighbours, I mean they are the best potential client you can have. Most working parents would love to have someone near their home to care for their kids.

Important notes:

Babysitting business is about caring and responsibilities. Your service should be excellent. You have to be responsible and dependable. Don’t disappoint your clients. If you know that you will not be available on any particular day due to medical checkups or if you have fallen sick, you should give them enough notice. This will give them the opportunity to make arrangements to fill the gap. If you take good care of the kids in your custody, their parents will be happy. They will also refer other people to you because word of mouth is the best marketing in business.

Download our babysitting roadmap to guide you in babysitting business. If you need further help, you can choose our 1 to 1 consultations service to guide you the process in 60 mins or a 1-month business journey to make sure you are on the right track to launch your business.


Babysitting Roadmap

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